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Over $675,000 in scholarships awarded

Watertown High School students shared in over $675,000 worth of local scholarships on May 15h, 2023, the largest dollar amount in the history of the school district. 

This record total does not include funds issued directly to students by colleges and other private institutions which increases that financial support dramatically.

Scholarship Recipients of 2023

Abby Walsh.jpeg

Abigail Walsh


Karl H. Zinser


Coach J's Jamfest

Thane Schwantes

Ella Ruebhausen

Ava Ashenfelter.jpeg

Ava Ashenfelter


Class of 1955

Ella Ruebhausen

National Honor Society

VFW Post 3709 Citizenship Award

Brandon Boyd.jpeg

Brandon Boyd



Academic Excellence

Joseph & Sharon Darcey

AgriBusiness Club

FFA Alumni

Kyle N. Kuehl

Grelton Conservation

NACK Valedictorian

Mikaylah Fessler.jpeg

Mikaylah Feshler


Rev. Frederick & Ruth Lemke

Academic Excellence

WHS Booster Club

01 Olesya Kazina.jpeg

Olesya Kazina


Rev. Frederick & Ruth Lemke

Academic Excellence

Glory Global Solutions

Rena Amacher

02 Zia Emmerich.jpeg

Zia Emmerich


Karl H. Zinzer

NACK Valedictorian

03 Lillian Walrath.jpeg

Lillian Walrath


Betty J. Joseph

04 Rylee Bilgrien.jpeg

Rylee Bilgrien


Betty J. Joseph

05 Devin McGuire.jpeg

Devin McGuire


Rev. F. W. & Ruth Lemke

Pete Colletti

06 Olivia Wrolstad.jpeg

Olivia Wrolstad


Rev. F. W. & Ruth Lemke

07 Gabrielle Sippel.jpeg

Gabrielle Sippel


Rev. F. W. & Ruth Lemke

08 Cole Peterson.jpeg

Cole Peterson


Rev. F. W. & Ruth Lemke

09 Jonathan Zietlow.jpeg

Jonathan Zietlow


Joseph E. Davies

Social Studies Award

Gettysburg Address Speaker

10 Christian Zastrow.jpeg

Christian Zastrow


Edna H. Weigel

Joseph & Sharon Darcey

11 Rebecca Leis.jpeg

Rebecca Leis


Earl & Al Maas

Joseph & Sharon Darcey

FFA Alumni

12 Ethan Johnson.jpeg

Ethan Johnson


Eli A. Crogan

Thane Schwantes

VFW Post 3709 Citizenship Award

13 Emmaleigh Rein.jpeg

Emmaleigh Rein


Edna H. Weigel


14 Brett Batterman.jpeg

Brett Batterman


Ruth & Frederick A. Dobbratz

15 Gissel Guadalupe Sandoval.jpeg

Gissel Guadalupe Sandoval


Larry & Sally Reich

16 Alexandria Buehler.jpeg

Alexandria Buehler


Edna H. Weigel

Henry D. Teuteberg

17 Matthew Tarr.jpeg

Matthew Tarr


Glenn & Terry Herold

Watertown Outboarders

WHS Booster Club

Watertown Conservation Club

Rock River Rescure Foundation

Heading the list of local students receiving awards is Abigail Walsh who received scholarships totaling $38,550. She received the Karl Zinser award valued at $30,000, Ella Ruebhausen at $4,800, AAUW at $1,750, Coach J’s JamFest at $1,500 and Thane Schwantes memorial at $500.

Walsh is the daughter of Margie and Jeff Walsh and plans to attend UW-Madison and study kinesiology and Spanish.

Ava Ashenfelter was named recipient of the first ever Class of 1955 Scholarship valued at $32,000. In addition she received a Ruebhausen award at $4,800, National Honor Society $500 and VFW Citizenship award, also at $500. Her awards totaled $37,800.

She is the daughter of Julie Chapman and Barry Ashenfelter and plans to attend the business school at UW-Madison, majoring in marketing.

Brandon Boyd was recipient of awards totaling $34,800. He received a $10,000 Brandt-Quirk award, $9,000 academic excellence, $8,000 Darcey, Agri-Business Club $2,500, FFA Alumni $2,000, Kyle Kuehl memorial $1,500, Grelton Conservation Club $1,300 and Nack, $500.

He is the son of Bruce and Rhonda Boyd and plans to attend UW-Madison, majoring in agronomy and agriculture business management.

Mikaylah Fessler received $32,000 in awards, including the $21,000 Lemke award, $9,000 academic excellence, and Booster Club $2,000.

She is the daughter of Candace and Adam Fessler and plans to attend UW-Madison and major in legal studies.

Olesya Kazina was awarded $31,500 in scholarships, including Lemke $21,000, academic excellence $9,000, Glory Global $1,000 and Amacher $500.

She is the daughter of Tatiana Kazina and Yuriy Kazin, and plans to attend UW-LaCrosse for a double major in international business and management.

Zia Emmerich was the recipient of the Zinser award at $30,000 and the Nack at $500. She is the daughter of Melanie and Brett Emmerich, and plans to attend University of Mnnesota-Twin Cities and major in biochemistry.

Lillian Walrath received the Joseph award at $26,000. She is the daughter of Michael and Monica Walrath. She plans to attend UW-Madison and major in biochemistry.

Rylee Bilgrien was awarded the $26,000 Joseph scholarship. She is the daughter of Anthony and Amy Bilgrien and plans to attend UW-Madison, majoring in biochemistry.

Devin McGuire received $23,000 in awards including a $21,000 Lemke and $2,000 Colletti award. He is the son of Timothy and Heather McGuire and plans to attend Iowa State, majoring in electrical engineering.

Olivia Wrolstad was awarded the $21,000 Lemke scholarship. She is the daughter of Jeremy and Kristin Wrolstad and plans to attend Concordia University of Chicago and major in music.

Gabrielle Sippel received a $21,000 Lemke award. She is the daughter of Kyle and Trisha Sippel and plans to attend Valparaiso University and major in health sciences.

Cole Peterson was awarded a $21,000 Lemke scholarship. He is the son of Marc and Kimberly Peterson and plans to major in mathematics at the University of Nebraska.

Jonathon Zietlow was presented with $20,000 Davies award, Social Studies $500 and Gettysburg Address $100. He is the son of Mark and Darcey Zietlow and plans to attend UW-Madison.

Christian Zastrow was awarded a $12,000 Weigel and an $8,000 Darcey for a total of $20,000.

A long list of other scholarships were awarded at the program on May 15, 2023. The students and the awards they received appear in a chart adjacent to this story.

Deborah Fischer, scholarship chairperson for the high school welcomed everyone to the program. This is her final year in that position as she is retiring from teaching in June. The closing comments were offered by Josh Kerr, high school principal. 

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